Hello world!

My name is Karina. Half of the time you’ll find me in London, UK. The other half of my time I spend work-from-homing in random countries. My academic background is in mathematics; I think about any situation as a system of equations. Here are four more facts about me:

1. Travelling is my favourite thing

For me travelling is about exploring nature, architecture and cuisines around the world. I especially like rocks and plants. Unusual leaf structures fascinate me no less than colourful birds. I'm interested in people who are alive today. Instead of visiting dusty museums, I prefer hunting for street art. I aim to spend my time in places popular with locals - from supermarkets and restaurants to hairdressers and public transport. I avoid hotels and tourist attractions as much as possible. I always try to make local friends. Keep reading>

2. I am a big city addict

I love the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. But in the long term, I only feel truly alive when I am in a big city. I love their idea density, their fast pace, and their excellence in food, street art and academic research. London, New Delhi, New York, Mexico City, Tokyo, Istanbul, Singapore - all of them have a distinct character, constantly evolving and yet totally unique. My goal is to visit all of the world’s biggest cities and the cities that are relatively small but are the biggest in their country or surrounding geographical area. Keep reading>

3. I did a PhD at the interface of machine learning and genomics

I spent 8 years in academia - I did a BSc in mathematics that I never finished, an MSc in mathematics and a PhD. My thesis was on applications of machine learning to single-cell transcriptomic data, with a chapter on de novo evolution of proteins. If you are considering whether to do a PhD or if you are already doing one and are feeling stuck, do get in touch. I'm good at asking the right questions to help you figure out what is right for you. Keep reading>

4. I am on a mission to reduce the negative impact of waste on climate, environment and health

To achieve this I founded Samudra.world, a systems accelerator. At Samudra we are experimenting with approaches and organisational structures that have not been tried before. Keep reading>