Recipes for those who don't like to cook

All recipe websites I’ve come across have one thing in common - they are made by people who love to cook. I don’t. I want a high return on investment - maximum amount of flavour and nutritional benefit for minimum amount of effort and/or time.

I made this online collection of my favourite recipes to address 3 of my pain points:

  • The daily question of what’s for lunch and what’s for dinner? I don’t have time to think about what to cook. To make it easy to pick a recipe, I’ve arranged my recipe collection by nutritional value (nudging me to eat more pulses, nuts and mushrooms), by veggies/fruits that are in season, and by use case (party food that is easy to prepare in large quantities, portable food for hiking and flying days, heartwarming curries for cold days, salads for hot days, etc.).
  • If I’m heading home and I’m hungry, I want to shop on the way instead of first consulting my cookbooks at home. I copy-paste the ingredient list from here into my shopping list, tick off the items I know I have in my kitchen, and done!
  • I optimise recipes for speed and for using less items that I’ll need to wash afterwards; I convert all amounts into grams, even for liquids, so I can add everything into a container on the scales, without dirtying any measuring devices. I don’t want to re-optimise a recipy from another website every time I decide to make it.

If you find this online collection useful, please send me one high-return-on-investment recipe as a token of gratitude!